Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for services

  • We are able to assist Sacramento County residents age 60 and older on almost any civil issue. For California residents in counties other than Sacramento, click here for more information on what issues we can assist you with.

How to call on behalf of someone else

  • We prefer to talk to our clients (the seniors in need of the advice) directly. ┬áIf there is some reason why they cannot or will not talk to us AND they want us to talk to someone on their behalf, then they need to tell us.
  • If the person is unavailable, we need to ask for some legal document, such as a Power of Attorney, before we give out any information.
  • If we cannot get permission from the senior and you do not have decision-making power for the senior, then we will not be able to advise you.

Preparing for your appointment

  • Please be ready at the set time with any relevant documents and notes. It’s also advisable to have a notepad and pen ready.

Making a follow-up call

  • Please help avoid confusion by telling the person who answers the phone that you’ve called before.

  • If you remember the name of the advocate who was helping you, please tell it to the person who answers the phone.
  • If you decide to leave a message, please state your name, telephone number, who was helping you and the reason you’re making a follow-up call.

Client confidentiality and privacy

  • As a law office, we are bound to keep the information you share with us as private. Sometimes it may make sense to discuss your problem with someone else, but we will do so only with your permission. Also, we do not share our client data with any organization or commercial enterprises.


  • The Senior Legal Hotline is not a lawyer referral service, but if clients require assistance beyond the services we provide, we can refer them to other agencies or associations that are able to meet those needs.