The Department of Health and Human Services issued guidance clarifying that all beneficiaries in private Medicare plans have access to equal coverage when it comes to care in a nursing home where their spouse lives.  According to the Press Release, this guarantee of coverage applies equally to all couples who are in a legally recognized same-sex marriage, regardless of where they live.  Read more here.

According to the Administration on Aging’s National Center on Elder Abuse and UC Irvine’s Center on Excellence and Elder Abuse and Neglect, one in ten Americans age 60 and older experienced elder abuse in the last year.  Read more about the study in the American Journal of Public Health.  According to the New York State Elder Abuse Prevalence Study, for every elder abuse case reported to authorities, 23.5 are unreported.  Annually, financial elder abuse and exploitation costs victims billions of dollars each year: $2.9 billion in 2009, a 12% increase from 2008.  Read more about the costs here.  According to JAMA Internal Medicine articles, victims of elder abuse are at greater risk of hospitalization and face a greater risk of dying sooner.

To commemorate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and spread awareness of the ever-growing problem of elder abuse, visit the National Center on Elder Abuse by clicking here and the UC Irvine’s Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect by clicking here.

According to recent studies by Child Trends, the national number of children living in a grandparent’s household rose from 4.6 million in 2005-2007, to 5.2 million in 2008-2010.  Among all grandparent caregivers, the rate of poverty in 2008-2010 was twice that for all adults 35 and older.  In California, between 2008 and 2010, 1,057,000 grandparents lived with grandchildren and 303,000 were primarily responsible for the care of these grandchildren.  During this time period, grandparents served as the primary caregiver for 301,000 California children (3.2% of children in California).  This is an increase from the 274,000 children cared for by grandparents between 2005-2007 (2.9%).  Between 2008 and 2010, California grandparents with primary responsibility for their grandchildren were 49% more likely to live in poverty than adults age 35 and older (15.5% vs. 10.4%).  1 in 8 of these primary caregivers spoke English less than “very well.”   The studies can be found here and here.